Cult Longboard Wheels Free Your Mind


Who is The Cult?

The Cult is not One – it is Many.

It is a collective of many minds and many places.

Through many moments in time and space we have devised our ultimate urethane constructs.

We humbly offer them to you so that you might funnel the cosmic forces through the medium of skateboarding with us.

If you skate our wheels, you know who the Cult is.

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What wheels are best for sliding?

In a past life, we would have said “Cult Classics.” However, we have now invented something else… Neurothane.

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Will you sponsor me?

In oldern times, the saying was “If you are good enough, sponsorship will find you.” Here at Cult Wheels we still believe that. Get in touch if you believe yourself to be worthy.

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Can I have some stickers?

Yes!!!! It is very easy. Firstly, conduct the sixth standard magick ritual on a standard envelope. Then, put a small offering within the envelope as a token of the purity of your soul. Then, put an Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope in the first envelope and send it to us. Please make sure that you have put in enough stamps for the return journey the envelope must make, or The Doctor will be displeased!

For the uninitiated, this link will help you.

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Where can I get some Cults?

Your local skate shop should be able to get them. Failing that, try your favourite online skatesite. If this does not work, please email us using the form above, or at

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Are your wheels really from Another Dimension?


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