Cult Longboard Wheels Free Your Mind


Wheel Characteristics

  • Durability

    How fast does the wheel wear? 100% = Indestructable!

  • Grip

    How much Grip? 100% = Very Grippy!

  • Momentum

    High Roll Speed for that flying feeling. 100% = SuperFast!

  • Slipperiness

    How easy is the wheel to slide? 100% = Very Slidey!

  • Merciful Release

    How does the wheel feel as it slides? 0% = Snappy Release, 100% = Gradual Release

Our original exclusive Race Formula, created for a high rebound & strong wear pattern. Reacts quickly providing ultimate drift & grip control. This remains the most technical formula we have created, if you want the perfect balance of high speed grip, drift and smooth release, look no further.