Cult Longboard Wheels Free Your Mind


Wheel Characteristics

  • Durability

    How fast does the wheel wear? 100% = Indestructable!

  • Grip

    How much Grip? 100% = Very Grippy!

  • Momentum

    High Roll Speed for that flying feeling. 100% = SuperFast!

  • Slipperiness

    How easy is the wheel to slide? 100% = Very Slidey!

  • Merciful Release

    How does the wheel feel as it slides? 0% = Snappy Release, 100% = Gradual Release

We are a Collective of Minds from many places. Through many Moments in Time and Speed we have devised our Ultimate Urethane Constructs. We Offer them to you Humbly so that you might join us and Funnel the Cosmic forces. Our Urethane Formulae are each Individually brewed for specific purposes. We understand that while all Longboarders and Skateboarders share the Ultimate Goal of The Magical Rolling Feeling, we all get there in different Ways. Therefore we have endeavoured to Create Urethane Solutions for Every Downhill skateboarding possibility. For Maximum Velocity Downhill Skateboarding and the Fastest Exit Speeds in the Galaxy - Choose Psychathane. For Insane Slides that will blow your brain - Choose Neurothane. To Experience Longboarding on the edge of Reality, for High Speed and Control with an Extra Long Life - Choose Dopathane. For Super Smooth Slides with a "Chalky" Feel - Choose Mystothane.