Alex Dehmel – One with Gravity DJI

The Doctor


“It’s out there.
I chase it.
When I find it, I’ll share it.
My Name is Alex. I am a professional Downhill Skaterboarder, and I work and test-ride for my brother’s longboarding company, Olson Hekmati.
We believe in freedom
In going anywhere we want, as we want.
We believe in finding our own ways
And in exploring limits.
So we Think, Test, Rethink, Change and Push.
Test, Rethink, Chnage, and Push Harder.
Then we get out again –
To become One With Gravity.
To feel the air.
To chase it.
We leave fear beind, and fly on – in the right formation.
Until the board becomes a part of our body
Until we hear the inner silence when the wind gets louder
Until nothing is on our way anymore
Until we feel the ease of rolling.
It’s out there.
We chase it
When we find it
We share it –
Our Freedom.”

Cultist Alex Dehmel knows that a path to enlightenment is through speed and control… And that’s why he chooses the Cult Rapture in 73A.

Check the DJI Inspire 2 drone here.

You can check out Alex’s behind the scenes interview with Longboard Magazine here.

Background Props by Jorge Pernes, Jan Liebing and Pedro Roque Maxwell Kaye.

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