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Cult Cerebrum Review

Mr Pernes has spent some time on the Cerebrum now.

Here is his review.

“Soul of Mystothane, with no longer a classic shape, these wheels was a new center set core, wider contact on the ground, and plus a bonus of 1mm urethane.

I guess in some point you experience this buttery urethane, with the classic shape, but… what differences does it really makes in the riding?

1 – Feels like you are running faster and smoothest
2 – A little more butter, less grippy, sometimes almost like Converter, but more control
3 – 180ยบ just got longer and stable

I guess, the combination of a centercet core plus a solid square of Mystothane, makes this babes a good design product ready to blow your mind to another dimension.
For shore my next “burn it to the core” set.”

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