Chemicals | CULT WHEELS

Our original exclusive formula, created for a high rebound and strong wear pattern. An advanced semi-sentient formula able to augment your brainwaves, reading your mind to create wheels that can react faster than you can think. The ultimate in drift and grip control, as trusted by most of our downhill and slalom racers. We use Psychathane for the Traction Beam, Death Ray, Zilla and Dominator.

Designed for high speeds and slow wear, but with ultimate sliding characteristics when broken in, Horrotica is our low rebound downhill formula. If you want a “Fast Freeride” wheel, look for Horrotica chemistry. You can find Horrotica in the Hurtler, Gamma Ray and Risch wheels.

The ultimate freeride urethane, designed especially for advanced sliders. Neurothane plugs directly into the nervous system and acts as a sixth sense, directly inputting road surface information to the skater’s subconsciousness. This urethane releases grip like a soft wheel, but once sliding it feels like a hard wheel. Very hard wearing and highly addictive, side effects may include a mild babbling and extreme disconnection with non-skateboarding reality. As used in the Chronicle and Creator.

An accidental discovery, Mystothane is our “fun” formula. Mysteriously shifting reality sideways in space and time for super smooth slides with a chalky feel. You can find Mystothane in the Cult Classic and Cerebrum wheels.

Bridging the gap between “Tech sliding” and “Freeriding” is TFR – “TechFreeRide.” An even harder-wearing freeride compound than Mystothane or Slide-O-Matic, each wheel is formed from ice-white urethane perfection for the biggest, spinniest sideways manoeuvers you can handle. You can experience TFR in the Ism, Converter and Centrifuge shapes.