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Mark Short – Cult Creators

The Doctor 18Aug2016

Short and sweet… Mark Short has spent many years perfecting his art. Pivotal in the summoning of the Cult Creator Freeride Wheel, watch what these wheels are capable of under the feet of their Master… Thanks to Les Robertson and Alex Ameen for making this possible.

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Tristan Kodors – Past Teachings

The Doctor 12Aug2016

Tristan knows only too well his path to Rapture. Flowing like water finding the path of least resistance, letting gravity and the contours of his environment help shape his form. Combining that effortless style and grace with the grip and control only the Cult can provide he achieves the enlightenment that many spend lifetimes searching...

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Lilyhammer TMI World Cup 2016

The Doctor 28Jul2016

Tiki Alex captures Pete in full flow at Lilyhammer earlier this year just before he went on to win the Masters race.  The Rapture shows it’s true race pedigree in this edit sticking lines and refusing to quit when pushed. Ultimate grip with ultimate control.

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