KNK Freeride 2014

The KNK Freeride and No Paws Down Race went offffffff

Many cultists in attendance, including Axel Serrat, Jorge Pernes and of course the Bros Before Pros.

Thanks to the organisers and also to Jernej Podgoršek for the edit!

See you there next year…


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Hertler – Kozakov

Sebastian Hertler is on fire this year, with multiple podiums across Europe.

He has just won IDF Kozakov, on our new Prototype Race Wheels.

Look out for him skating this wheel at other races this summer… more info soon.

Thanks to Martijn at for the photo!


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English Autumn in OZ

Aussie Cultist Michael English has been deep within the Cult Void. Traveling around to new spots,sleeping under stars,making new friends, and generally having a blast. For this trip many wheels were played with. The results of which lead MEnglish to conclude that “the Risch were the standouts, but Daredevil Rear are still his wheel of choice when things get serious”


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Na Nos!

Slovenian Slivovica fueled friends of the Cult Bros Before Pros sent us this transmission to display their love for the mighty Cerebrum. We humbly offer it up to you for your viewing pleasure.

Hvala Bros


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Why grip when you can slide

The Cult reached out across the Void with gifts of fresh Neurothane Creators to stalwart Cultist Pernes. He instantly took them to one of his favorite testing grounds. Such was his pleasure and delight he recorded his findings and shared them with us. We now share them with you.


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Fabians Chronicle

After recently having some Neurothane Chronicles materialize into his realm Cultisit Fabian Laute decided to take them for a thorough rinsing. He sent us the following transmission to display his approval.


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In Control

Cultist Sean Spees with Jordan Crosby, keeping it fast and simple in this rad edit from Splash Productions.


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Welcome to the Cult – Oriol Calico

We are proud to be helping Spainish shredder Oriol with his aspirations for holding tighter lines and higher exit speeds.

Look out for him representing Cult Wheels near you… soon.

Word to Axel Serrat for use of his majestic soul stealing abilities.


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Cult Hurtler!

Watch the skies, it is coming…


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Pernes unleashing his fury

Cultist Pernes just transmitted this fresh footage for us to share with you our loyal followers. Sent to us from his Portuguese paradise Pernes displays why he loves Traction Beams so deeply…… Enjoy

Our kindest thanks go to Pedro Roque for fine display of driving skills.


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