Cult Longboard Wheels

Road Warrior

Race Wheel.
Updated Urethane Chemistry.
Higher Roll Speed.
More Grip.
We do it my way. Then you shall have your revenge.

  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Width: 66.6mm
  • Contact Patch: 66.6mm
  • Core: Warp Core
  • Urethane: Hyperium
  • Core Position: Offset
  • Durometer: 76A
  • Finish: Mold Release
Cult Longboard Wheels Chronicle


Freeride Wheel.
A Merciful Cult Release.
Ultimate Sideways Control.
Thus Spake the Super Guru.

  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Width: 50.5mm
  • Contact Patch: 36.5mm
  • Core: Mini
  • Urethane: Neurothane
  • Core Position: Centerset
  • Durometer: 78A
  • Finish: Stone Grinded

Cult Longboard Wheels Classic 66


Cruiser Wheel.
Fast Rolling.
Predictable Grip.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

  • Diameter: 66mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Contact Patch: 34mm
  • Core: Mini
  • Urethane: Mystothane
  • Core Position: Sideset
  • Durometer: 80A
  • Finish: Mold Release

Self Adhesive Worship

A snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor.

And then from beyond the void, from beyond time itself, the Doctor spoke directly into the minds of those so attuned. He told them of a time of chaos, of ruined dreams, a wasted land. Their world crumbled in a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on Men.

Only those with the Sight were able to hear the fell voice that spoke of these dark days. A new level of devotion to the cause was required to survive such times. Many were taken, but as always, the Chosen emerged stronger, faster, forged in the blazing furnaces of chaos into something… More.

With new senses awakened by the Doctor’s teachings, and existing perceptions enhanced by his Creations, the Cult, collectively, now knew it’s true and ultimate purpose. The air must be cut and shaped in new and radical dimensions. New techniques must be found in pursuit of ego’s destruction and the rebirth of the higher state. Mind, constant and fluid, must pass through Fear and look back upon Fear’s path. Thus spake the Super Guru.

Deep within His laboratory, simultaneously inside and without, something stirred. Seeing without eyes, He finally beheld His creation. Though He no longer bothered with the physical need or even ability to express thoughts through what was once his face, the Doctor smiled to himself, and He knew that It was good.